Non Spicy Peas Pulav

Serves 2 people

1> Basmati Rice - 2 cups
2> Onion - 1 finely chopped
3> Green Chillies - 2
4> Peas - 1/2 cup
5> Salt to taste
6> Bayleaf - 2
7> Cloves - 2

Step A :
Clean Basmati rice in running water and then soak the same in water for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step B :
Fry basmati rice with 5 spoons of Ghee after 20 minutes.

Step C :
Pour Oil/Ghee in pan and then add Bayleaf ,Gingergarlic paste,Cumin Seeds and roast well.

Step D :
Once step C is roast put onion and once its fried put chillies and then peas and fry the same.Once this is fried put the stuff prepared in step B and pour 1:1.5 cups of water to the rice(In our case we need to pour 3 and half cup of water).Add salt and mix it well.Let it be in cooker for 10 minutes.Peas Pulav is ready.This goes well with any gravy.You can check our site for your favourite gravy.


Anonymous said... was fast and delicious................................thanx,,,,,waiting for more..........

Joseph Selvaraj said...


Anonymous said...


Your Veg dishes r also gud..tried this ..was gud..

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,

Whats up ? There seems to be a long break. Are you not keeping well?

Take care buddy. Pls do make something interesting to eat (NON-Veg):)

Joseph Selvaraj said...


A bit bussy with work.Have some menus in mind but dont have time to post..will do it soon..Keep watching..

Thanks for your interest in josephskitchen.


Suganya said...


I tried this pulavo. It was tasting great...good recipe.

Could make it in very short time....keep going!!

Will try ur other recipes too!!