Easy Dry Fish Fry(Nethili Fry)

Dry Fish Fry(Nethili Fry)
Serves : 2 people

1> Dry Fish (Nehili) - 100gms
2> Chilli Powder - 2 spoons
3> No Salt
4> Oil - 4 spoons

Step 1
Clean Nethili with running water.
Marinate Nethili with Chilli powder and then keep aside for 15 minutes

Step 2
Pour oil in pan and fry nethili.


Paul said...

good one! thanks for the recipe

Anonymous said...

hi did a random search on google and landed at ur site.. good blog. can u tell how to clean nethili fish?

Anonymous said...

hei... mr joseph,

i like ur wbsite so much bcoz... its well organised...formal.. step by step... good job..

now tell me where to get dry fish in the US... i have been here 7 months ... no dry fish... please tell me ... i want to eat..

also, the fish we get here does not give the fish curry smell as we people do in tirunelveli... please tell me where to get good fish so that my fish cury smells good to my whole apartment