1> Kadalai Parupu / Rice - 2 cups(each one cup)
2> Red Chillies - 3
3> Salt to taste
4> Curry Leaves - 20 + 10
5> Shredded Coconut - 3/4 cup
6> Water 1/2 glass
7> Mustard Seeds

Step 1 :
Soak 1 and 2 in water for 1 hour

Step 2 :
Put 1 / 2 / 3 / 4(20 leaves) / 5 / 6 and grind it.
This should not be grind fully.It should be ground to 3/4th.
When grinding use less water.

Step 3 :
Pour the content into a container

Step 4 :
Bring a Pan to the stove and pour 2 spoons of oil.

Step 5 :
Once the oil is hot put 7 and once all mustard settles Add 4(10 leaves) once fryed
add this to step 3 and mix thorougly

Step 6 :
In a pan pour oil 2 spoons and then pour the stuff prepared
in step 5 as a thick layer and close this for few seconds.

Step 7 :
Open the pan and change the side and pour a spoon of oil and close the pan with a lid

Step 8 :
Adai is ready.This goes well with Idly podi.


Anonymous said...

Tried and it came out well..tks for the recipe..

Anonymous said...

Some more Veg Dishes pl

ushaprashanth said...

If you put some urad dhall when tempering it will be nice. this is just a suggestion..

sylvia said...

when frying mustard seed, add one big onion chopped finely with it. this will bring additional taste to it. also u can add murungai kerrai if available with the final batter to improve the taste. these are just my suggestions as well as my experince.

Joseph Selvaraj said...

Hi Usha and Sylvia,

Thanks for the suggestions and comments