Ambur Mutton Biriyani

Ambur Mutton Biriyani

A1> Mutton - 2 Pounds / 1 kg
A2> Yogurt - 4 Spoons
A3> Salt to taste
A4> Turmeric Powder 1/2 spoon
A5> Chilli Powder - 1 spoon
A6> Peper Powder - 3/4 spoon
A7> Lemon Juice - 4 spoons
A8> Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 spoon

C1> Biriyani Ella (Bay Leaf) - 3
C2> Cinamon - 1
C3> Cardamom(Elachi / Elaka) - 2
C4> Onion - 1
C5> Tomato - 1
C6> Mint - 1 bunch
C7> Coriander(Kothamalli) 1/2 kattu
C8> Garam Masala - 1 spoon

B1> Cashew Nuts Plain - 20
B2> Jeera - 1/2 spoon
B3> Sombu / Saunf - 1 spoon
B4> Garlic - 8
B5> Chilli Green small - 2

-> Rice - 4 cups ( Water should be always 1 and 1 / 2 times rice minus the water poured for cooking meat)
Eg : In our case for 4 cups of rice water should be 6 cups minus 1 cup poured for cooking mutton so its 5 cups.

Step : A
Mix A1 / A2 / A3 / A4 / A5 / A6 / A7 / A8 together and keep in fridge for 30 mins to 60 mins.

Step : B
Grind B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 well

Step : C
Pour 4 to 5 spoons of Ghee and then Fry C1 / C2 / C3 / C4 / C5 / C6 / C8

Step : D
Put the stuff in Step A and add 1 cup of water into cooker and wait until 1 whistle

Step : E
Fry the stuff in C one by one then add the gravy from Step D and then Add the stuff got from Step B and cook for 5 minutes.

Step : F
Put rice + water + the stuff got from step E and keep in cooker for 1 whistle.

Step : G
After 5 minutes make the steam go off and remove the whistle.Spicy Ambur Biriyani is ready.


Revathi said...

awesome awesome awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hai there,
This is the best mutton biryani we ever had.My hubby just
loved it.Thanks for sharing your recipe.


Joseph Selvaraj said...


Thanks for the compliments.Keep visiting.


Sathya Sankar said...

Hi Joseph,
This is sathya.
I just visited your blog for the first time , your recipies are mouth watering....
Recently i have opened a blog named Appetite Treats.
i have a great passion for cooking.
i just want to know how to make a perfect chicken briyani. If u can pls, share ur recipe .


Anonymous said...

it really came out well and my husband liked it v much.

Anonymous said...

It really came out well and my husband liked it v much

Anonymous said...

I have tried so many briyani recipes so far, but this is the best i have had so far and my hubby appreciated much. thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Please post Ambur Chicken briyani also.

Joseph Selvaraj said...

Hi Sathya and All who left comments thanks for the comments and just wanna tell u guys that lot more dishes to come.